We found the word Pedalogue to have an interesting origin in the book Courtly Dance Of The Renaissance: A New Translation And Edition Of The Nobilta Di Dame (1600). Here is the description:

So that everyone should know how this term Pedalogue is derived, let me say that, just as we say that when two people converse they are engaging in a dialogue, so here when the gentleman dances one group of steps (or one variation ) with his feet, and the lady answers the same way, this foot conversation leads me to term it pedalogue.

In this blog, we (Dipika and Sandip) capture our outdoor experiences in India and USA — under the sun — ranging from fitness to recreation activities. We have our phases of running, cycling, swimming, or hiking (hoping to add to the list). And in each of the phases, we learn, we look around at beginners and pros in the field, we get inspired, and we try to achieve our own personal goals or just have some fun. Through this blog, we not only share our experiences, but also the journey of our learnings.

We are currently living in California, USA, and thats where most of our hiking is confined.

Some of the posts use the icons listed below from the Noun Project.


Review created by Hugo Heneault

This icon has been used to provide our reviews of restaurants, hotels, and services.

noun_57824_ccLighthouse created by Isabel Martinez Isabel

This icon has been used as a guide or an aid to provide tips and recommendations.

noun_14438_ccBinoculors created by Ronald Vermeijs

This icon has been used to list the places, trails, restaurants, and views that we want to explore.

 Smiley Faces created by EliRatus

This icon has been used to capture any crazy, funny, or interesting moment from a trip.

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