Learning German

‘Küche’ = Kitchen
‘Kuchen’ = Cake

‘Kirsche’ = Cherry
‘Kirche’ = Church

If I can just master these 👆🏻 in the next six months and get the ‘ch’ and ‘kh’ right, I’ll consider it a win!

Originally tweeted by Dipika (@dipikabh) on June 30, 2021.

Apartment Living

Learning about our smart home bit by bit.

Figured out yesterday that we can use our apartment intercom to call the lift/elevator as well as choose the destination floor before leaving!!
(It will save us literally 10 seconds in the lobby, waiting for the lift 😅)

Not to mention that we first had to get used to the elevator not having any floor buttons to press. We always needed to select the floor from the digital display ‘outside’ the elevator before getting in.
All the delivery guys have been equally stumped by this feature. 🙂

Originally tweeted by Dipika (@dipikabh) on May 22, 2021.

Are all apartments in Berlin/Germany designed for tall people or those with min height 160 cm?

A short thread from a short person:

1> At 155 cm, I need a step stool to comfortably reach the lowest cabinet shelf in the wall cabinet in the kitchen, and obviously a ladder to reach the remaining top ones.

All I now wish is for a ladder with wheels that I can operate using a remote control 😀.

2> The bath tub wall is too high so again I need a step stool to climb into the bath tub…the height of the tub wall definitely seems like that for a default tall person.

3> The bathroom door is so so high that even if I somehow fit the over-the-door hook hangar, I will not be able to reach the hooks without assistance.
The over-door-hook hangar now hangs on the rails of the towel warmer 🤦🏻‍♀️

Originally tweeted by Dipika (@dipikabh) on June 19, 2021.

Relocating During Pandemic

It was a bit disorienting when I used a public restroom after so many months. It probably felt odd also because it was the first time I used one in a country/city where I’ve been living for the last five months.

Having relocated in the middle of a lockdown (and the city has been under one for last so many months), we have yet to see Berlin in it’s real form. So many things are going to seem so different when places open up and more people are out and about.

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Winter in Berlin

Swans struggling to move in the partly frozen canal.

Swans resigned to walking on the water.

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“Historic and very unusual” weather seems to keep following me around the world. 😒

Berlin currently at -9 degrees C.

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