Spotting the Landmarks in Netflix “Berlin Station”

1/9 @BerlinStation showed up on a random search for “Berlin” on Netflix, and it turned out to be an amazing spy thriller (spinning stories around CIA station based out of Berlin)!

Any @RCArmitage fans? This is a must-watch!

2/9 @sandipb and I are ecstatic that even with our short time in this city, we were able to identify so many now-familiar places and understand references to ‘the meeting is at so and so’ street (strasse) and neighborhood.

3/9 We’ve just been lucky to have lived close to first the Alexanderplatz (with the famous Berlin TV Tower (Fernsehturm)), then the Landwehrkanal (spotted a lunch scene on the Van Loon Restaurant Boat), and now the Berlin Central Station (Haupbahnhof/Hbf).

4/9 Hbf – being at the center of the city, at least in terms of public transport connections – is close to a lot of prime buildings and attractions in Berlin.
Like the Parliament (Reichstag) Building.
And the Brandenburg Gate (Brandenburger Tor).

5/9 The Pariser Platz at the Brandenburg Gate houses a lot of embassies and so is very important in the show to depict cross-country diplomatic relations.

6/9 The Museum Island (Museumsinsel), Berlin Cathedral (Berliner Dom), and the Victory Column (Siegessäule) are pretty accessible and close to us – all landmarks that provide picturesque backdrops in the show and add the quintessential Berlin identity.

7/9 The river Spree happens to run close to Hbf, ensuring a lot of prime shots.
We practically go to Hbf every weekend, either to walk across to Spree or to commute or to just grab a coffee/bite.

8/9 The best freakish moment in the show was when I identified a grocery store in the adjoining neighborhood Moabit from their vegetable lineup outside! I had just been at the store two weeks back!!

9/9 Also spotted in the show – Oberbaumbrücke, Molecule Man, Invaliden Park, Moabit, Arminius Markthalle, Moabit Prison Historical Park, Bode Museum, Humboldthain Park, and the murals on building facades all over the city

Originally tweeted by Dipika (@dipikabh) on July 28, 2021.