Observations – Flora and Fauna

Identification and information source: iNaturalist.org, Encyclopedia of Life

El Corte de Madera Creek Preserve, June 2017

Name & Habitat Features
Honeysuckle, Pink Honeysuckle, California Honeysuckle
(Lonicera hispidula)Native | Low-elevation woodlandsUses: “Stems are hollow and sturdy and were used by the Pomo people as smoking pipes”
Leaves: Grow opposite on stems

Flowers: Pink blossoms grow at the end of the stem

Fruits: Round red – edible but bitter

Milkmaid (Cardamine californica)

Native | Shady slopes, open woodlands, chaparral and grasslands | Winter and early spring

(Unusual sighting at this time)

Flowers: Four white petals. “Flower closes its petals in late afternoon as the sun goes down”
Golden Chinquapin (Chrysolepis chrysophylla)

Native | Shrub or tree | Dry areas, higher elevations | Coastal forests, woodlands, chaparral

Leaves: Dark green on the top side and golden on underside, Folded upward along midrib

Flowers: Monoecious – bearing both male and female flowers

Fruits: Spiny bur contains 1-3 nuts (edible)

Royal Rein Orchid (Piperia transversa)

Native | Forest, woodland, chaparral, scrub habitat, often in dry areas

Flowers: White or yellowish with green veins. Fragrant in the evenings, smell like cloves

Skyline Ridge Preserve, June 2017

Name & Habitat Features
Ruby Chalice Clarkia, Farewell to Spring
(Clarkia rubicunda)Native | Central Coast | Blooms in June/JulyMore about this flower in Henry W. Coe Wildflower Guide
Flowers: Poppy-like blooms, cup-shaped and wide petals, four pink or purplish petals – sometimes with a bright red center Ruby Chalice Clarkia
Ox-Eye Daisy
(Leucanthemum vulgare)Invasive and classified as a noxious weed | Grassland wildflower | Blooms from late spring to autumnUses: “The unopened flower buds can be marinated and used in a similar way to capers.”

More about this flower in Encyclopedia of Life

Stem: Central stem is slightly hairy

Leaves: Dark green on both sides

Flowers: The small flower head consists of about 20 white ray florets that surround a yellow disc

Oxeye Daisy