Bangalore Bikers Club Meetup at EGL

After a discussion started by Sudhanshu, a couple of folks decided to meet at the Embassy Golf Links (EGL) business park cafeteria today.

Since we didn’t know each other personally, we spent the first few minutes hanging around the food counter (the designated meeting spot) staring at folks wondering if they are the one. I reached first, and then figured out another guy (Ashwatha) who was looking as unsure as I was. Turned out we both were from the same organization, which was both delightful and embarrassing as as we hadn’t seen each other in the office earlier even after working together for 3+ years. I could then spot the third guy – Sampath from a mile away as he was coming in the baggy biker shorts. We waited for a few minutes for Sudhanshu, and after he came in, we sat down with food and discussed, what else, biking?

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