Hike in Almaden Quicksilver County Park

Hike Date: July 25, 2015

We planned our second hike with a meetup group – Off Peak Hikes & Trips of Silicon Valley. I had been seeing an invite for Almaden Quick Silver County Park hike from this group weekly in my inbox. The group hikes in evenings on Wednesday and in mornings on Saturday. The Saturday morning hike started at 10:30 AM, which was not too early to rush for, so I immediately signed us up for the hike.

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Hike in Rancho San Antonio Open Space Preserve || PG&E – Wildcat – Coyote Loop Trail

Hike Date: July 12, 2015
3.8 miles, 1.5 hours, 928 feet
(Repeat Visit: May 14, 2016 – Added the High Meadow Trail to the loop)

Rancho San Antonio Open Space Preserve

After attempting a hike for the first time, alone at the PG&E Trail, I was quite upbeat about the whole affair and started pestering Sandip about checking out the trail. Only this time, we were more prepared (hiking shoes, water, sun protection hats). [With every hike, we have been learning and improving about how to hike with minimal stuff on our backs and dress adequately for the time of the day.]

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