Link: Runner's Diet Mistakes

10 ways runners cheat themselves nutritionally.

Now I am quite sure I fall into at least one or more of these categories:

The Nighttime Feeder

You eat very few calories all day long, then you gorge at dinner and late into the night.

“Eating little throughout the day and loading up at night is similar to filling up your gas tank after you’ve arrived at your destination,” says Dolins. Yet it’s a common pattern for a good number of runners. For many, it’s an oversight; the absence of an eating plan throughout the day leaves them starving by late afternoon, resulting in an evening binge.

That is me alright.

The Junk-Food Fiend

You eat whatever you want because you believe running will keep you fit and trim.

Sure, there are runners who live blissfully ignorant of their nutritional blunders, but then there is the Junk-Food Fiend. Painfully aware of his poor food choices, but unable or unwilling to change, he has convinced himself that he can get away with eating anything and everything.

Hmm. That also seems to be me alright. 🙂

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