We finally made it to Twin Peaks!

Trip Date: 14 February, 2016

We finally made it to the much sought-after Twin Peaks in the most unplanned way. We’ve always been very skeptical about a) driving through the San Francisco city and b) finding a parking spot in the city. So Twin Peaks, which are right in the middle of the city, have always been one of those elusive spots that one can only drive to but seemed inaccessible because of the petty parking problems. After all, the satellite map showed only a handful of legit parking spots between the two peaks.

On top of one of the Twin Peaks

It so happened that we drove to Lake Merced in San Francisco for Valentine’s Day to spend a few hours by the lake. Sitting there in the park by the lake under a tree, I kept looking at the iconic Sutro Tower. Suddenly I wondered how bad would it be to drive up to Twin Peaks. Even if we failed to get a parking spot, we could always drive back.

So off we went, nervous about our chances. But on reaching the destination, we realized we had been fools for so long. People had parked all along the hillside in undesignated areas! I can now think of driving up there anytime, any day!!

It was truly rewarding to get atop the peak, as I had heard and read for so long. The 360 view of the San Francisco city, Marin Headlands, the Golden Gate Bridge, the Sutro Tower  was spell bounding. It was almost dreamy and magical to watch the hues of the setting sun from the top of the world. Just being there felt like a big achievement unlocked and on a very appropriate day.

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