TCS Open 10K Run

5 June, 2011
Finally, it is done. The race is over. I clocked about 2 minutes less than last year. Not as good as I had hoped, because the weather today was fantastic. But at least the timing wasn’t worse than last year. That would have sucked. Running with Dipika again saved me from a worse timing. She has loads more energy than me, so it was a real struggle trying to keep up with her in the last few kilometers. But if I had run alone, I would have walked half of the last few kilometers.
TCS 10k 2011

Me and Dipika, at the Cubbon road stretch.

Photo credit: Tom Cole

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D-Day Tomorrow

Three months of training, mostly irregular towards the end. We are ready for our second 10k, actually the second annual Bangalore 10k. Last year I was about 8 kgs lighter. But we had an eight month sabbatical in between so we basically started again from scratch. So I am hoping that I at least match last year’s timing. The calf-pain in the first few kilometers still annoy me. And there is a good chance that we will be running in the rain this year. Also, my parents and brother would be there to watch us this year. 🙂

Overall, looks to be an interesting run!

May 1st 2011: Long Run Missed


[Photo credit: Jamie Carter]

Due to some unexpected changes to our schedule this weekend, we just weren’t in shape in the morning for the Sunday run. This week Runners High scheduled a 10k on the regular World 10k race route on Cubbon road, and I am pretty bummed about missing this. 😦

We have a 12k run scheduled for next weekend in our neighborhood itself. Have never run this distance before. I really really hope things fall in place for us to make it.

24th April 2011: 8K at IIM Bangalore

This Sunday, Runner’s High arranged for the long run at the IIM Bangalore campus. Seems students are off at this time of the year, and so that gave a crowd-free running track. The weather was cloudy, and the tree covered roads looked really inviting. We managed to reach the spot 45 mins before the run because of over-estimating the travel time. I have always felt that reaching a running spot before time always helps. It lets you relax and get comfortable with the surroundings.

Sunfeast World 10k is now TCS World 10k

Just now got a mail from Procam about the new name for their annual World 10k run in Bangalore. What used to be called the Sunfeast World 10k till now, will be called the TCS World 10k in 2011 at least. Also, Santhosh’s rant not withstanding, the website still insists that June 5th 2011 is the day of the run, and has got actually a counter running on the website.

No details on the course of the run, as usual. However, this would be more keenly awaited this year because of the massive metro related work happening all over the traditional World 10k routes.

Bheemeshwari: Cauvery Fishing Camp

17th July, 2010

The Drive

We started from Bangalore at around 9.15 am, a good two hours behind schedule. All was well as we could still make it to the destination by the check in time; only now we would have to face the Saturday office hour rush. This is the route we took: Old Madras Road – Sarjapur Outer Ring Road – Agara Lake – Silk Board Junction –  Jayanagar – Banashankari Bus Stand – METRO – Kanakpura-NICE Junction – NH 209 – Harohally – Left towards Sathnur – Halaguru – Arrive at the destination towards left. ~120 km in 3 hrs, including at least one short stop.

The traffic and roads let us breathe easy only past the Kanakpura-NICE Junction on NH 209. The cool and cloudy weather helped to make it a great drive, at least for as long as we were on NH 209. There were characteristic, yellow road signages at regular intervals indicating the remaining distance and route to the Cauvery Fishing Camp; they were just not there where we needed them the most, though. Past the Kanakpura village and some distance ahead, we luckily spotted the left turn we were supposed to take. We were now off the NH 209 and entered the village areas (Sathnur). The Airtel network gave up on us here.

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Bike Ride to Bellandur Lake

3rd July, 2010

Thank God for the wonderful weather today, we could step out for a late bike ride. There was no sun when we left at 8.30 am and were hoping it stays behind the clouds. It was actually a bit chilly.

What was also special about today was that we were biking together after nearly 4 months. So it was back to good old days, setting routes, cutting our way through residential colonies, and dodging the trucks and autorickshaws on the main roads.


We had decided to go to Bellandur lake and come back via Sarjapur Outer Ring road. So we cut across the Old Airport road, reached Wind Tunnel road and took the army defence area to reach the Bellandur lake. Once past the Wind Tunnel road, we were away from the city traffic. The entire stretch from Wind Tunnel road to the Bellandur lake is also a very good candidate for morning runs. We wish to come here some day for a long run.

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Citizen Initiative: Recycle a Cycle

One of those initiatives which are really making a difference in the lives of people.

From an article on Bangalore Mirror:

After plastic, paper and clothes, it is the turn of the humble cycle to be recycled in a bid to empower poor and needy children.

Two Bangaloreans have been collecting unused and/or old cycles from across the city and repairing them before donating them to needy children.

The duo — Pradeep V V, a co-founder of, and Mayank Rungta, a software professional with Juniper Network India Pvt Ltd, set up the Ride A Cycle Foundation after reading of a similar initiative elsewhere. Pradeep says, “Last year, I came across a story about a doctor couple in Mumbai who would go around the city collecting old cycles and repairing them before distributing them among the needy. Their project is called the Bicycle Project.

More info about Pradeep and Mayank’s initiative can be found at Cycle Recycle blog. In December, they provided the first set of recycled cycles to students of two NGOs.