TCS World 10K Course Routes Anounced

Just saw a friend tweet about the TCS World 10k course route having been announced. Had some trouble finding a link to the course from the website homepage. Here are the routes for all the race categories of the event. I have shown the open 10k route up there.

The run still starts and ends at Kanteerva stadium. the route is mostly the same as last year but for two differences:

The first difference which is major is that we will be running on Ulsoor road back and forth instead of Kamaraj road. This is really good I think because the latter is an incline on the way back while Ulsoor road, if  I recall correctly, is more or less flat.

The second difference is that because of the forever ongoing Namma Bengaluru metro construction, the route avoids the stretch near Chinnaswamy and instead comes back to MG road and rejoins last years route via Queen’s road.

The race time is given to be 8 am. I think it was that last year too but it actually started more around 8:30 am. So it would be hot.

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