Our First Bike Ride to Bellandur Lake

We went on a 26 km ride on a self-charted route this Sunday. We could not manage to participate in the GGI CM the previous day, so we decided to make up for it.

Dipika Sandip

You can see the complete description of Sunday’s ride to Bellandur Lake on dailymile.com here.

Before Sandip and I started riding cycles this Feb and before we even got our cycles, we had started dreaming and marking out all the roads and areas where we wanted to come on our bikes. Its amazing that within a month, we have covered a lot of those places and many more we hadnt dreamt about! We’ve ridden in the evenings/late nights, gone to have puchkas for an evening snack, burgers @ Bistro for dinner, IVCDS [idli-vada-chutney-dosa-sambhar] breakfast at Madurai Idly shop on 80 ft road :).

The GGI initiative helped us venture out to M.G.Road and Cubbon Park. That was our first longest trip, ~25 km. We had not been to Cubbon Park in the last 4 years we have been in Bangalore but were glad we finally went there biking. The most recent dream-come-true was our ride to Bellandur – could not imagine it would happen so soon.

Our next big leap should be to BOTS @Jayanagar, from where we got our bikes.

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