A Runner's Worst Nightmare – "Runners Trots"

I found this wonderful blog on running – Vanessa Runs, which has really detailed info on various running issues.

This post struck me as especially relevant as it covered an embarrassing aspect of running that most runners avoid talking about, and I am particularly affected by a variation of it – runner’s trots. Or, the need for “taking a dump” in the middle of a run.

Vanessa has some real detailed data on what runners should be aware of. I actually haven’t seen such data anywhere, and therefore feel really lucky to have spotted this info.

A sample info:

Keep in mind that food has a travel time:

  • From the moment you swallow to your stomach = 15-20 minutes
  • From the moment you feel full to elimination = 4-6 hrs
  • From the moment you swallow to elimination = 12-24 hrs

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