Bay to Breakers 2011

Over the last couple of years since the time I heard about it’s existence, if there is one race that I try to keep up with every year, it has got to be the Bay to Breakers 12k run in San Francisco. It is a 12k run, but for the vast majority of the participants it seems to be more of an totally uninhibited carnival. As with SF culture, even photos of an entirely public event like this needs an adult filter to see safely at office. 🙂

Credit for all the above photos: David W Oliver (

A bay area runner, Nelly, has a nice intro about this years run at his website. He also has some of the safer photos at his website. I found some more photos at Flickr which are more indicative of the unbelievable craziness of the run, and put them up above.

The Yahoo editorial team has a carefully picked selection of some of the amazing photos from the day.

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